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Why Scaldopack is the best choice for your company?

If you are looking for a high quality packaging solution for your products because you want to deliver a quality product, you'll want to get in touch with Scaldopack. 

Our packaging machines are among the best in market and will assure you your product will stand out from your competitors in your market. 

By filling your product through the spout with our servo controlled filling machines you will realize a reduction of materials up to 70% due to smaller head space required

We have different models of spout inserting machines and different models of filling and capping machines.  All machines are tailored to the needs of the customer.  


More about Scaldopack:

Scaldopack is a company specialized in the production and selling of packaging machinery for pouch handling.

We produce advanced pouch handling machines to insert the spout, fill and cap your pouches. Our mission is to deliver packaging  machines who produce at the highest quality with minimal defaults. This high quality we offer, combined with our advanced mechatronics result in high speed machines with outstanding repeatability.

What do we have to offer?

Scaldopack offers a range of machines for spout filling and capping and the company also has a range of spout inserting machines. This company is specialized in pouch handling..

Our mission is to deliver high quality machines who will produce the highest quality of packaging with minimal defaults. High quality combined with our advanced mechatronics results in high speed machines with outstanding repeatability.

Who preceeded you in their choice for Scaldopack machines?

Food and non-food producers with various viscosities ranging from water to granulates are among our clients.  Scaldopack is supplier for packaging machines to some of the premium players in industry and has the privilege to call them among their clients. 



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